Mr. NasirIlyasBukhsh

The inspiration to introduce Post Tension Systems in Pakistan came from a visit to Dubai in 2008 when it was at the verge of record development in the region and the tall buildings started to reshape the landscape of present Dubai Skyline.

To commit ourselves into this new arena was very challenging and demanding but the organization took the task effortlessly as our core value revolves around the professionalism, integrity, hard work and determination.

We believed that Pakistan was in need to have latest structure technology to build stronger, taller and long-lasting buildings. And it was this endeavor that made us able to introduce this latest technology of Post Tensioning in both bonded and unbounded ventures. It is to share with great pride that we have developed in house facility to cater engineers, builders, developers and contractor’s need. I clearly envision an aspiring future it holds for Pakistan construction industry.